With so many rumors of Missoula's Bryden Vukasin being spread all over the internet, we just HAD to watch last night's final appearance of this local ABC's "The Bachelorette" contestant. Now that the journey has ended for this former Iraq war vet and University of Montana student, let's look back and see exactly how accurate the gossip rags were with their wide range of predictions.

Rumor #1 - According to Yahoo News: Bryden Vukasin is rumored to be season 9′s villain of “The Bachelorette,” similar in nature to Justin Rated-R Rego from Ali Fedotowsky’s season. Answer - FALSE. Bryden was actually one of the more enjoyable characters on this season. It didn't seem as if there was a vindictive bone in his body.

Rumor #2 - In Reality Steve’s blog it was written that, Bryden eliminated himself in Germany before the rose ceremony because he allegedly “just wasn’t feeling it.” Answer - TRUE. It happened last night! According to US Weekly online, "Bryden, 26, didn’t wait around to see if he was going to get a rose on the latest episode of the show, because instead he decided to jump ship! Leaving Desiree with few answers, Bryden left Munich because he felt Desiree became more a friend than a girlfriend." He gave a little more detail to Hollywoodlife.com on the subject, though.

Rumor #3 - According to Yahoo! News, Bryden allegedly has a girlfriend by the name of Becky Weidow from Missoula. Answer - FALSE. Turns out, that was not the case at all. According to his exclusive interview with Hollywoodlife.com, "No, I don’t have anything like that. I was in school, but there wasn’t anything important that I had to get back to. But that’s another thing too, like I’m thinking about it, I do have my dog… I have all this other stuff in my life to continue. You know, there’s no point in continuing that other stuff [if] it’s not gonna work."

Missed the final episode of Bryden on "The Bachelorette?" You can see the entire show on-demand here.