After serving his country over in Iraq, Missoula's Bryden Vukasin is ready to swoon the next available bride-to-be in this latest season of ABC's "The Bachelorette." But after all the roses are handed out, will this Montana native make it to the end and into the arms of the most available woman on reality TV? According to two (Update:THREE) insider

While Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock has 24 men to choose from, only one is a true-to-form Montana man with looks that any hot blooded American female could easily fall for. Vukasin, a runner up in the 2010 National Soldier of the Year Competition and student of University of Montana, has a few industry insiders contemplating his role in this season's reality show and how his presence may effect the outcome of the finale.

Proceed with caution below: SPOILER ALERT

  • According to Yahoo News: Bryden Vukasin is rumored to be season 9's villain of "The Bachelorette," similar in nature to Justin Rated-R Rego from Ali Fedotowsky's season.
  • And from Reality Steve's blog, Bryden eliminated himself in Germany before the rose ceremony because he allegedly "just wasn't feeling it."
  • UPDATE 5/29 1:35 p.m.: And finally, here's the real stinger... again, according to Yahoo! News, Bryden allegedly has a girlfriend by the name of Becky Weidow from Missoula!!
Photo courtesy of Facebook

This picture (above) was taken back on December 31, 2012 and posted on Facebook by a friend of Weidow, who tagged her in the photo, which is available for public view. Granted, there is no indication anywhere on Becky's Facebook that she is in a relationship with Vukasin. However, numerous sources indicate that they are indeed boyfriend and girlfriend, including Yahoo!. A Facebook search for Bryden Vukasin, does not return a profile.

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