We hinted about the news nearly a week before season 9 of ABC's Bachelorette. Bryden Vukasin, a war veteran from Missoula, has allegedly stepped down as a potential love interest in the popular reality show... It seems that Hollywood sources are claiming what we already uncovered, he has a girlfriend back home by the name of Becky Weidow.

So did the local contestant sign up for the role for the right reasons? Sources claim the reality contest just wanted an all expense paid trip to the lavish locations where the TV show was being filmed.

According to The Examiner:

Instead of bowing out earlier in the season, Vukasin waits until the guys travel to Munich, Germany before he decided to leave the show to go home to his girlfriend, Becky Weidow who posted an Instagram picture of the couple both before and after he returned home.


And this, from the Reality Show Report:

Apparently Bryden, who serves in the U.S. Army, just wanted a trip to Germany on ABC’s dime, because he reportedly left to return to his girlfriend.

The question we have is...if this truly is the case, who's in the wrong here? ABC for not screening the candidates in depth enough? Or Bryden for not coming clean with his relationship to begin with? You can never tell with so-called "reality shows."

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