We are accepting nominations for the "most eligible" bachelor and bachelorettes of Missoula for 2014. So, to kill time between now and the moment we unveil our latest batch of singles, it's might not be a bad idea to get reacquainted with the guys and gals our town voted for last year around this time...

Women always say, "All the good men are taken in this town." That could not be further from the truth. From local newscasters, to musicians and all others classy men in between, 2013 proved that women in Missoula loved a good looking man with an athletic physique and a warm smile.

And when it came to the ladies who didn't have a ring on it, there were plenty to offer as well. Sweet, kind hearted women with sophistication and charm, these were the kind of local gals a man would love to take home to mom and dad.

Don't forget! Submissions for the 2014 batch of singles in Missoula will be posted on Monday, March 17th. It's not to late to nominate your favorites here.

There’s a sweet prize package involved with a massage for the Bachelor (or a couples massage if the Bachelorette wants in) courtesy of Missoula Massage. The Bachelorette will get the model treatment she deserves with a photoshoot from Dostal Photography.

So submit away, Missoula! We’re counting on you to find the Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette.