After literally THOUSANDS of votes, Missoula has chosen their most eligible bachelor and bachelorette. Care to meet them?

Congratulations to Jeff Engel and Mary Hally!

Jeff wins a nice little de-stressing rub down courtesy of Missoula Massage. Hey, it's hard being the most eligible! And Mary will get the model treatment she deserves with a photoshoot from Dostal Photography.
Here's the breakdown of the final vote tally:


Mary Hally: 48.48%

Joelle Parks: 47.85%

Sylvia Mikulski: 2.57%

Lindsey Guttermuth: .66%

Daniella Rybolt: .34%


Jeff Engel: 40.74%

Justin Manzer: 28.14%

Taylor Selig: 10.83%

Christian Jackson: 8.98%

Marcus Rosser: 8.51%

Kevin Charles Ekhardt: 3%