Dear Cashy,

You have changed this city in ways that you cannot possibly comprehend. Heck, you've even changed my life in just the few short minutes that we met. Of course you know that already.

What Missoula knows now is that we have very little time and we must spring into action again. We know you are tired, probably feeling a bit defeated. Yes, the cancer has returned... Just rest. Trust me, you will not fight this battle alone. This city will help you. Remember, you have one of the strongest communities in the Northwest that won't be resting until you receive the treatment you need. Just rest, young Boy of Steel.

Team Cashy to the rescue...

Just say the word and I will personally do anything it takes to raise awareness for your cause. I have a radio station at your disposal. I have a microphone and speakers, we can use it to send a message. Fundraisers, community gatherings, supply donations, anything you need. We can get the word out in an instant. I am at your beckon call.

Finally, don't forget about the miracles we spoke of earlier. God very well could be working overtime as we speak to wow us all, and most especially you and your tireless family. Perhaps he is setting the stage to amaze us all again? Don't forget, it's your story that inspired this community to come together in ways of powerful prayer that we've never witnessed before. And it's been proven time and time again that when people come together in prayer, the message to Heaven is amplified ten fold. We've done it before, and we will do it all over again for you.

So, let's get to work, Missoula. We've got a hero to save.