Cash Hyde is a three year old little boy that lives in Missoula, MT and had been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain tumor called PNET in May of 2010. He battled the tumor like a trooper and went into remission in November of 2010, after a hard battle for his life. Sadly, on October 12, 2011 his family was given the most horrific news that any parent in their shoes could ever receive...the tumor is back. The family is currently in Salt Lake City, UT at the Huntsman Cancer Institute fighting for Cash’s life again and need support and prayers from our community.

Here are a couple ways you can help:

1. There is a gift card account set up for the Hyde family at Missoula's Good Food Store. Little Cashy is starting his 21 day all natural treatment and as we all know organic wholesome good foods come with a hefty price. If anyone from anywhere around the world would like to donate, all you do is call 1-406-541-3663, choose the customer service option and tell them you want to add to the Hyde Family gift card.

2. Through the month of November, a network of Scentsy Sisters have made the choice to sell Scentsy Buddies, as well as everything else Scentsy offers, and donate 100% of their commission to the Hyde Family. You can purchase a buddy for yourself, a friend, a family member, or donate the Buddy to the Salt Lake City Primary Children’s Oncology Unit where Cashy and many other children are being treated for this terrible disease.

If you would like to donate a bear, please contact any of us and we will get you shipping information.
You can order directly at
Or by contacting any of the Independent Scentsy Consultants below:

Amanda Peck 406-491-2931
Laci Peck Crossman 406-490-5116

PLEASE spread the word! Thank you all!!!

If you are willing to offer donations or a service for Cashy and would like for us to help get the word out, please email me directly