Let's say you want look beautiful forever. Is it worth the price of hiding your happiness?

A women in London decided not to smile in fear that it would create wrinkles. The self-professed vain female in her 40's says it really was a choice of hers and the effort seems to have paid off. 

Sure enough, no wrinkles! See the photos of her young, and old side-by-side.

But again, why no smiling? That's the most important facial expression to have on your already beautiful face! Correct? I don't know. Good for her, I guess. I just think maybe she was missing out on moments that a smile could have changed everything.

However, the lady does admit that she is a happy person. She just likes to internalize it like Mona Lisa did. In fact, that was the name our somewhat expressionless lady received as a nickname by her friends.