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Slithering Spa Treatments
I am a big fan of spas, and a particularly big fan of massages. If I could afford it, I would have a massage once a week. Sadly massages are one of those things that are more of a luxury than a necessity.
Bald is Sexy? There May be a New Hair Growth Treatment
To me, bald is sexy. I’m married to a six-foot two-inch tall bald manly man who loves to hunt and fish. So, there is a possibility that I am a bit biased. I must admit that I have always had a thing for those who were follically challenged. I can remember watching movies as a teen and being attracte…
Not Your Ordinary DUI
This seems like something that would happen in Montana. I’m sure it probably has. Recently, a Colorado man lost his driver’s license so he decided to ride his horse to his brother’s wedding in Utah, 600 miles away. Since it’s not like h…
WEIRD NEWS: Bogey in the Court
A Montana judge gave a couple the shaft when they attempted to sue for damages after having more than a thousand golf balls hit into the yard behind their home – which was built alongside the 18th hole of a golf course that had been there for years...
Teen Pawns Mom’s Jewelry to Pay For a Visit to a Brothel
There are times when it is necessary for a teenage boy to raid his mother’s panty drawer in an attempt to uncover her secret stash of cash so that he can skim off the top of it to finance any number of pimple-faced necessities including smut rags and the occasional chance at banging …
Drunk Elk Gets Stuck In Tree
Humans are not the only critters on earth that like to get drunk and belligerent. Turns out elk are no strangers to the "sauce." Apple sauce, that is.

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