Making a list of the five craziest Lady Gaga outfits isn’t easy, since – as you’re likely aware – Lady Gaga has at least 10 crazy outfits for every song she’s ever written. Yet, here I go, attempting the impossible...

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    Bubble Dress

    Lady Gaga donned this “bubbly” outfit frequently while on tour in 2009. The way the dress looks suggests that if all the bubbles were to suddenly pop, we’d be left with an eyeful of Lady’s gagas. Obviously, this isn’t really the case – the “bubbles” are of course held in place by a tiny dress underneath, but I’m just going to go ahead and pretend it’s the other thing.

    Photo by Rose Trinh
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    "Cousin Itt" Outfit

    This costume, clearly inspired by the Addams Family’s Cousin Itt, made its debut at a performance in Nottingham, England on May 27, 2010. Inexplicably, the top part of the costume is flattened, causing her to look more like some sort of hairy end table. If Gaga wore this outfit while sitting motionless in your living room, you could easily rest your drink on her head.

    Photo credit: Splash News Online
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    Fire (?) Outfit

    I honestly have no idea what to call this dress, and apparently, neither does the Internet. For the purpose of this blog, I’m going with Fire Dress because it’s red (duh!), and the crown sort of resembles flickering flames. But really, who knows what Lady Gaga intended this outfit to look like? She wore it while accepting her award for Best New Artist at the 2009 VMAs, because nothing says “rising star” quite like “demonic Cobra Commander.”

    Christopher Polk, Getty Images
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    Kermit Dress

    In September 2009, Lady Gaga showed up at the MTV VMAs with Kermit the Frog as her date. This is despite the fact that, just two months prior, she gave an interview for a German TV show while wearing a dress made entirely out of Kermit’s butchered clones. Apparently, Kermit the Frog forgives easily/knows no fear.

    Photo courtesy of YouTube
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    Meat Dress

    You all saw this coming. Of course this dress was going to be in the No. 1 spot. After all, if you know anything at all about Lady Gaga, you know that she’s worn a dress comprised of 100 percent real meat. The controversial outfit made its debut at the 2010 VMAs and has made multiple appearances since then. It is also the only Lady Gaga outfit to have its own Wikipedia page. According to Gaga, the dress is rather comfortable, which is exactly how I’d expect a wardrobe made out of cold, slimy cuts of beef to feel.

    Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images