I like to keep things simple. My workday is hectic, onwards of 14 hours a day with no break. I am rarely home because my job requires me to be on-the-go constantly. And when it's time to decide what I need to wear, I choose functional instead of fashionable. I wear the same type of clothes every day...

Maybe no one notices? Or perhaps I'm the secret laughing stock amongst my co-workers? After all, wearing the same black t-shirt and jeans does blend in, right? But then again, maybe repeated arrangements of identical garments stand out more? Upon looking at my closet this evening it finally occurred to me...I'm a genius!

Ah yes, the misunderstood genius. Remember what they said about Einstein? Zuckerburg? Steve Jobs? They were crazy. They had lofty ideas. They were rejected by their peers. They wore the same clothes! But... they ended up totally loaded, respected, and revolutionary. Perhaps because they never bothered to make their looks a big priority!

Hold up. Hold up. Time for me to come back down to earth... Genius is quite a stretch for someone of my background and education. But still, I recently realized that I am subscribing to the philosophy of some of the greatest minds of all time without even knowing that I was...

The benefits of wearing the same types of clothes. Let's break it down:

- No stressing what to wear the next day, save an extra 30-45 minutes in the morning!

- Did those pants look great with that shirt? What happens if you misplace one? You got 20 more!

- Why bother checking yourself out in the mirror? You already know what you look like!

- You can really freak your friends out on Facebook when they see you in the same clothes down your timeline. It looks like all the photos were taken on the SAME DAY.

- Got a stain that won't come out? You got 20 more!!

- Buy in bulk, save money!

- Wear a hat, don't worry about your hair! (Just make sure you wash it from time to time)

- HAVE MORE TIME to build the next mind-blowing invention that will one day lead to the next big evolutionary leap in mankind.

For me? It's just the ease and simplicity of wearing the same types of clothes that I find most appealing. Call me crazy. But just remember, what they said about all those geniuses...