Summer is almost here and it's time to get your wardrobe ready as well so you have everything and can just get up and go. Here are five must have summer fashion items for summer 2016.

Vintage styles are in and so are bright colors, and even a mix of both. Dresses and long shorts are making comebacks.




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    Floppy Summer Hat

    They are all the rage

    Charene Herrera Townsquare
  • 2

    Trendy Beach Bag

    Small and bright purses and beach bags are in.

    (Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images)
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    You wear them so much you need good ones and fashionable or both in one.

    photo by Zak Kaczmarek via gettyimages
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    Greek Sandals

    Greek style sandals are so popular right now. You see them everywhere. Tall and short style.

    Photo courtesy Hulton Archive / Stringer via Getty Images
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    Hip Comfortable Flip Flops

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    Hats Make Fashion Magic

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