The annual Gallop pole of wellness found that people living in these 10 cities are the most satisfied with life and a Montana city made the list!

Being from Billings, I would not have thought that it would have made it in the top 10 most satisfied cities in the whole US. Well it did. According to the latest data Fort Collins, CO tops the list. Based on citizens satisfaction with their home town.

Billings, Montana comes in at number 4 on the list. Not bad! So I started thinking about people who live in Billings. Most of them I know, love the outdoors, enjoy the fact it is bigger so more options of doing things, the weather is fairly mild ( this year being the exception) and the community is great. The makings of a satisfied city. Here is the rankings top 10 most and least satisfied communities.

MOST satisfied

1. Fort Collins, CO

2. San Luis Obispo, CA

3. Holland, MI


5. Boulder, CO

6. Barnstable, MA

7. Provo, UT

8. Des Moines, IA

9. Madison, WI

10. Honolulu, HI

Now for the LEAST satisfied

1. Rockford, IL

2. Stockton, CA

3. Bakersfield, CA

4. Flint, MI

5. Jackson, MS

6. Binghamton, NY

7. Scranton, PA

8. Columbus, GA

9. Trenton-Ewing NJ

10. Fayetteville, NC