As Hollywood gears up to send us another big budget installment of the X-Men franchise on the big screen, a comic book series in the same mutant family appears to be going west.

In Uncanny X-Men #17, the motley crew of teen heroes are in the middle of nowhere, and perhaps they have confused it with the wide-open spaces of Montana!


According to the review of the story entitled This is NOT Montana:

Stranded in a strange land and forced to fend for themselves the young teens of the Uncanny X-Men are forced to show their true potential or face a pretty gruesome demise!  It has certainly been a rough ride for this new group of “soldiers in training” for Cyclops’ mutant revolution and things aren’t getting any easier any time soon. Brian Michael Bendis has so many characters to play with in the X corner of the Marvel Universebut his best efforts have definitely been with these new inventions. Whilst all the attention may be on the young original X-Men in his other title, this group of diverse and unique characters certainly seem to shine brightly and show great potential for future storylines. It is so nice to see the focus back on this group of young adults who are pretty awkward and right now (in terms of abilities) a little bit rubbish.


It's difficult to tell any further if the comic storyline has anything to do within the borders of Montana State, but it's still an obvious tip of the hat to Big Sky Country. Nice to see that in the ever expanding world of the Marvel Universe that there is room for Montana.