These cartoony profile pics are replacing the real profile photos on Facebook this week...and for the best purpose possible.

Admit it, Facebook is kinda sorta becoming a really...REALLY negative place lately. People are getting pretty surly and brave with their comments and overall fueled with stirring up drama. At least that's what some see it as lately... So, someone has decided to try and change bringing some ANIMATED FUN to the otherwise (mostly) mean-spirited social network.

Jason Woo on Facebook

The post reads: The intention is to fill up facebook with Disney pics to block out all the negative posts for one day. Like my post and I will give you a Disney character that reminds me of you. You then find a pic of that character & post to your wall with the same message to keep this going! I got Jey Z


We love this idea. It's silly, random and just the kind of break we need from all the moodiness. Nothing brings a smile to online than a cartoon meme of yourself. Hard to say if this Facebooker is able to keep up with the demand of the requests we are about to send his way, but if someone wants to pitch in and help we are sure he wouldn't mind.

Our DJ's are currently awaiting to see what our cartoon profile pics will look like (hint, hint). It's going to be epic to see a day where we all log into Facebook and see NOTHING BUT these pictures! Anything to help promote a positive cause. :)