Say what you will about Tim Tebow. Love him or hate him, none of that matters in this particular story. I ask that you cast aside your opinions about his sportsmanship, his philanthropy and yes, even his religious beliefs if only for a moment. This is all about the dream of a young Missoula girl that was easily accomplished thanks to the power of our tight knit community.

Alisa Hoke has proven that with even the most threatening of diseases anyone of any age can rise above a challenge with an overly optimistic attitude. It's inspiring to see such a young girl not give into the depressing news that she must continue to battle a brain tumor that has remained aggressive for the past 4 years.

Hoke and her mom, Sonja stopped by the Zoo FM radio studio today to share the secrets of her nearly constant positive attitude on life, "I can't dwell on it, and be bummed out all the time  (and keep saying) 'Why me? Why does my hair have to fall out? Why do I have to keep throwing up?' I have to be a role model for those who are sick."

Sonja has been changed by the ordeal as well, "My faith is stronger. I have to say 'OK, God, you put her on this Earth to keep me straight. We have down times where I'm holding her, or she's holding me while I cry. It happens, but then soon we are back to laughing and making stupid jokes."

When asked what might happen when Alisa finally meets Tebow, the 17 year old responded, "When he comes, it's gonna be so embarrassing, because you know how they do in movies when they are just speechless? That's gonna be me, and he's gonna be like 'um, ok.'

Hear the complete interview that aired on the Tallest DJ in America show earlier this afternoon right here: