Alisa, a young woman who has battled a brain tumor for the past three years, has one wish to meet Tim Tebow in Missoula, MT in March 2012! Let's make it happen.

Alisa Hoke wrote:

I want to meet Tim Tebow because of his faith. I love God with all my heart and his faith inspires me. Every day, he sticks out in front of all these people and makes God number one. His drive is so amazing. God has blessed him with his athletic ability. I can tell by watching his videos on You Tube that he has a genuine care for people. This can be seen through his volunteer work. He truly cares for people and shows God's love for people. He doesn't let the fame get to him like so many athletes.

When I was 14, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had to have surgery, and everything that could go wrong did. I had a stroke and fell into a coma. I had to relearn to walk and talk. I lost so much of my memory. I had to go into physical therapy for a year. I ended up dropping out of school and getting my G.E.D. I ended up going back into my normal lifestyle after the surgery and physical therapy.

In 2010, after normal checkups, I was re-diagnosed with the same brain tumor in the same spot. They told me that it wasn't growing so they were going to wait a year. Over the year it doubled in size. The doctors told me it was inoperable. Because it was inoperable, I did a month and a half of radiation. I do a low dosage of chemotherapy and I'm getting ready to do my first treatment of Cyberknife. It's not cancerous, but it's very aggressive and that makes it scary.

Going through all of this trial and this hard time, it would be such a light to meet someone who brings so much joy to others. It would mean so much to meet him. He is really, truly an inspiring person and he's so much more than just a football player.

People are like, " Wow, that's hard," but it's not, because I have so much faith in God. I trust God with everything in my life, and that's why I look up to Tim Tebow. His faith is amazing. It makes my heart so happy to see someone so in love with God. He doesn't care what anyone thinks, and I love that. I don't care if I get sick or I throw up, because the journey ahead is going to be so much better than this storm I'm going through right now.

We really hope that her wish can come true to meet Tim Tebow! As a community, we are certain to make this connection for her, right? Let's get to work.

Alisa Hoke
Missoula, MT

For more information, please call 406.360.2575 or e-mail