There is no denying who arrived in Montana first. The original cowboy, with his tight jeans, handkerchief and unique hats invaded Big Sky Country long before the anti-mainstream hipster began to make his own mark on our community. However, would it be safe to argue that hipsters may have actually been inspired by the rough and tough cowboys residing here in The Last Best Place? And if so, would it be safe to compare the two? Even more important, who's sexier?!?

Let's give you a few examples:

Hipster Belt Buckle

Cowboy Belt Buckle

Photo courtesy of Flickr/wranglerdipper

Both belts, while serving the purpose of holding pants up, also stand out as being the center of attention amongst their wardrobes. Flashy, but is one really more unique than the other?

Here's another:

Hipster Handkerchief

Cowboy Handkerchief

Cowboys may have the upper hand when it comes to actual use and functionality of the handkerchief. Those long, hot days on the range will certainly work up a sweat, and the hanky may come in handy for shading them from the unruly sun. Hipsters, on the other hand, use them for... well, I'm not really sure what.


Hipster Jeans

Cowboys Jeans

Wrangler butts might make you nuts, but do skinny jeans make you scream? Again, the similarities are striking. Both hug the crotch in an almost illegal fashion, and the tapering at the bottom is a cut only hipsters and cowboys can get away with.

The list could continue, including mustaches, the same passion for cowboy boots and so on, but the real question is, who's hotter? It truly does seem that both are cut from the same plaid patterned cloth, but one really has to stand out from the other in terms of attractiveness. So, ladies, over to you...

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