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Last week, we bravely posed a controversial question: "Which Missoula watering holes are In desperate need of a bar rescue?" and the response was much, much larger than we anticipated.

Instead of carrying the burden of revealing just one bar in particular, we decided it was best to share your top five and then have YOU finally narrow it down. We will take the one with the most votes and will officially submit it to Spike TV for possible consideration in their upcoming season of their hit show "Bar Rescue."

While analyzing the HUNDREDS of submissions, we couldn't help but notice common similarities in the comments. Most of which targeted one bar, seemed to fall in line with describing the others in the top 5. So, rather than share all of the feedback (really, the responses were quite repetitive) we chose to share the least-monotonous, yet shockingly negative comments that all of these establishments may be plagued with.

"Have you been there lately? The place is DEAD!!! The place looks OLD!!! The staff is LAME!!! Please make it NEW and FRESH and FUN like it was back in the day."

"I feel like it is dirty and I just may get stabbed."

"From the front entrance to the back. This establishment has quite a few things about it that need rescuing. I've seen people do drugs in the bathroom, and not just marijuana- that's probably done out in the open there. The layout is horrendous, I definitely don't feel like it's up to sanitation standards, and no one really wants to go there."

"The layout is awful, and so are the bathrooms. You can hardly walk in the back bar area. and the dancing area isn't big enough."

"It is absolutely disgusting. All the tables and bathrooms are dirty along with bar and bartenders at this establishment are completely and absolutely rude"

"You can tell the owner of the liquor license has tried everything they can think of, to make their business work, but what they really need is a kick ass remodel. Plus the staff could seriously use an upheaval. They sit on their bums and make people come to them. The very few good bartenders that were there have gone, and customer service is tanking."

And there you go. Wow. So, without further ado, here are:

The Top Five Missoula Bars in Desperate Need of a Bar Rescue (in no particular order):

  • Stockman's
  • The Broadway
  • Deano's
  • Feruqi's
  • The Bodega

We must admit, we are not surprised by the amount of people griping about the lack of good customer service in some of these establishments. It does seem that many bar owners, not necessarily just these bars, tend to make that the LAST priority, even though it's the FIRST impression that is often left in a money-spenders mind. And the decor? Well, we must realize we ARE Montana, not exactly the mecca of nightlife by any means. But it sure does feel as if many of the bars in Missoula may be simply too broke/inexperienced/careless to even bother addressing this glaring issue.

What's next? Time to vote.

To be fair, we do want to offer our readers a chance to DEFEND THESE ESTABLISHMENTS. Rather than just rake these bars through the coals, we feel it's wise to allow you to comment with some positive feedback! Do you really feel that a bar in our readers' top five does NOT deserve to be on this list? Why should the establishment you are defending be allowed a passing grade? Is there something about this place, even though it may be receiving some constructive criticism, that should be rewarded? Do you love the dive bar-esque quality of this place? If so, why?

Speak out in the comment section below.