Today, March 26, Representative David Moore's (HD 91) amendment to exclude the Missoula College from House Bill 5 failed in a 40 to 60 vote.

H.B. 5 also managed to pass through its second hearing in the House.

"If people are still concerned about the open space in Missoula they can contact their senators and the Governor's office," Moore said after his amendment's defeat. "It was interesting. I got up and I spoke for about four and a half minutes, clearly making the case. But You could see that the body from Missoula was not going to vote against that funding. Which is unfortunate. Some of our representatives work for the University of Montana so there's sort of a conflict of interest there."

Rep. David Moore:

Moore says that even if HB 5 makes it through the senate unammended, it will be tied up in a legal fight.

If the Governor signs it, there's going to be a legal challenge," Moore said. "There's a small group of attorneys that are willing to work on the case pro bono so that may very well tie that project up for a while."

Tomorrow, H.B. 5 will have one more hearing in the House before it moves over to the Senate for concurrence.