Ever wanted to play in bars or nightclubs, instead of simply attending them? Be “the mix master” in your circle of pals? Do you dream of spinning your favorite songs to packed venues of fans who’ve come just to hear you throw down? Who wouldn't?

Award winning DJ, and all around nice guy, Kris Moon (resident DJ at The Badlander's Absolutely Saturdays) is offering up Digital DJ classes this season at the Lifelong Learning Center. Kris will serve up three different levels of classes ranging from beginning to expert including all the tips and tricks you need to get the party started.

Kris has proven to be in a category all his own. As you will notice in the answers to our questions below, this DJ doesn’t “pigeon hole” himself to one particular genre. This kid is everywhere. One minute it’s Fatman Scoop and Flo Rida, the next it’s the hardest of dubstep and house music. And yet, he makes it work in a seamless fashion. And Missoula loves him for it.

S13-084 Digital DJ Level I: Beginning Djing
Saturday April 27th 1pm - 4pm
S13-085 Digital DJ Level II: Novice DJ Techniques
Saturday May 4th 1pm - 4pm
S13-086 Digital DJ Level III: Advanced Dj Techniques
Saturday May 11th 1pm - 4pm

Questions? Reach out to Kris on Facebook.