Need another incredible gift idea?! The Giving Key necklaces are an amazing option!

Before I made the big move from southern California back to Montana, a really good friend of mine gifted me with a necklace from The Giving Key. Now I'm returning the favor and sending key necklaces to all my friends in hopes of spreading the word and inspiring them to inspire others...

Here's how it works:

  1. You receive or gift someone The Giving Key necklace
    1. If you receive a necklace, try and embrace the word inscribed on the key. The person obviously gave you that key with that word for a reason
  2. Once you feel like you've embraced that word, pass The Giving Key necklace to someone else you believe needs it more than you do
  3. Then go to and write your story

The coolest part about The Giving Keys is that they are made by homeless people who are trying to transition out of homelessness. The Giving Keys is creating job opportunities for these hard working Americans and helping them get back on their feet! So cool!

I got my The Giving Keys necklaces at Apricot Lane in the Southgate Mall right here in Missoula!


Nicole Wren TSM