This morning I received a gift from a dear friend of mine in Los Angeles that made me miss home so much. Which is why the name of the gift is so fitting.

She sent me a Homesick candle with the scent of southern California. In case you were wondering, southern California always smells like the beach so the candle is a mix of sunscreen and a fresh beach breeze.

Some people might not get the appeal, but for me it reminds me of home. The countless summers I spent laying on the beach in Newport and playing beach volleyball with my friends. All the afternoons I spent in my backyard reading and having that familiar warm southern California breeze ruffle my beach waved hair.

This gift warms my soul and reminds me that wherever I go, I'll always have a home in California.

Of course they have a candle for every state, including Montana. The Montana scent will:

"Take you back to the good ol' days in Big Sky Country with scents reminiscent of open plains, winter air, spruce, and denim..."

So if you have a loved one that has moved out of state for school or other reasons, maybe a Homesick candle will fill the void and remind them of home! Click HERE to check out the Montana Homesick candles!


Nicole Wren TSM