My dogs Koda and Gypsy make every single day of my life better. As I get home from a long day they are always there to greet me with hugs and then quickly remind me that they need to go outside. They put a huge smile on my face and I feel lucky everyday that along with my wife they are my family.

Just as most parents do for their kids, Savannah and I love to spoil our dogs with Christmas presents. And just like parents wish they could get more toys for their kids we wish we could spoil our dogs even more. But we need to spread the money out to take care of our nieces, nephews, and parents for the holidays too.

The presents that Koda and Gypsy get every year are XL marrow bones from Go Fetch here in Missoula. They also get at least one nice Kong dog toy each and then a smaller cheaper gift that they will probably destroy within a few days. And this year with the cold temps Gypsy is also getting a Christmas sweater. Koda isn't much for the sweaters with his thick fur, but no one love a dog bone more than Koda, he might even get more than one.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours this holiday season!


    Look at the beautifully snow covered Lolo, MT!