In an ongoing effort to educate Missoula about the dangers of texting and driving, our very own Tallest DJ in America, Aaron Traylor tested his skill at the St. Patrick's Hospital Safety Fair's "Virtual Texting and Driving Simulator."

Needless to say, things didn't go as smoothly as he had hoped for.

The rules were simple: navigate through the cones while texting, all the while avoiding hazardous distractions, such as pets (stuffed) in the middle of the road, stop signs, and the occasional playground ball tossed into the narrow roadway.

Click play to see how even the slightest seconds of having your attention drawn away from the road can cause the most fatal of consequences.

By the end of the simulation, Aaron learned not only was he the worst driver of the day at the St. Pat's simulator, but a very valuable life saving lesson. Texting... kills.

107.5 Zoo FM is raising awareness and helping save lives by issuing nearly 8,000 "TXTING KILLS" thumb bands to area residents, because we all live and raise our families here..and we are all affected. It's a simple message on a small silicone band with a purpose of sending a clear message: "Texting While Driving Can Cost You Your Life"

If you are a business or school that would be interested in having us come and visit your students or employees, please reach out to us by calling Shawna Batt at 406-728-9300.

Will this video make you think twice about reaching for the phone while driving?