JC is a former Blaze DJ and still works here in our building, and I love her to death, but I couldn't help but chuckle at her misfortune this morning. Let's just say, she's had a s**tty week.

First, she managed to poke a hole in her cornea while floating the Clark Fork, which means she couldn't wear her contacts. Unfortunately, her dog Jarkko ate her glasses, so she's been working partially blind all week.

Well, Jarkko has struck again. Last night, on the 2 month anniversary of JC's wedding, the 3-year-old Dutch Shepherd/Belgian swallowed her wedding ring. JC was watching TV and did what many of us married women do, she removed her wedding ring to put lotion on her hands. Then she heard something clinking around in Jarkko's mouth and that's when he looked her in the one good eye she's got left, tilted his head back and "downed it like a shot."

JC's wedding ring.

Needless to say, JC has had to cancel her weekend plans to wait for her beloved wedding ring to exit. Our very sympathetic coworkers have helped JC by laughing and offering some advice. Our operations manager suggested that she collect all of Jarkko's weekend doo doo in sandwich bags and do the 'ol "squish and search." Our business manager suggested finding the ring using the "cheese log method" of using a fork and knife to "slice and search."

Sounds like a very brown weekend for JC. In all seriousness, we wish her the best of luck in getting her ring, and her vision, back.