To my dismay, my mom recently signed up for Facebook. Since then I’ve fielded questions regarding why I am ‘friends’ with certain people, why I’ve commented on certain posts/pictures and what’s with all the slang words. She’s so nervous about getting her identity stolen, she refuses to upload a picture and I am her only friend. Yeah ME! LOLMy favorite exchange went something like this via text…from my mom:

Mom: “Tiffany W*at does idk mean?

Me: “I don’t know.”

Mom: “Seriously Tiffa>y h8w do you not know?% Havnet you been doing this internet for awhilE?

Me: “Mom, it means I don’t know!”

Mom: “I really cant believe U of all pe(ple don^t know what IDK means, really Tiff get with it.”

Me: “MOM IDK means I DON’T KNOW… Get it. That’s what it means!!!!!”

Mom: “0h ok THank$”