A popular Montana ice cream shop has been serving new moms coupons redeemable for a free gallon since all the way back in 1968, but when a Mary Francis Ruffatto was doing some recent spring cleaning she came across a withered 26-year-old ticket that she obtained when her son was born. Hmm, is it still good? She went to the shop to find out.  Surprise, surprise! The Billings Gazette recently reported that the nearly 100-year-old shop was more than happy to redeem it, and so Ruffatto and her now 26-year-old son Kevin strolled in last week for a free gallon of their favorite flavor of ice cream.

The Billings Gazette also mentioned that the not-so-new mom has an even older ticket -- from when another son who was born in 1980 -- that they plan to redeem, "One of these days..." she jokes.