Care to meet who has been deemed the biggest douchebag in the state of Montana? 

For the record, WE didn't pick this person. And quite frankly, we are a bit hesitant to even attempt to troll or insult anyone in this fine state, but still, it's a slow news day and news is news...

A website by the name of Thrillist just compiled a list of the Biggest Douchebags in Every State. For example, Iowa had Ashton Kutcher, in Mississippi it was Oprah Winfrey, and in Nebraska it was Larry the Cable Guy. Really? These people are douchebags? According to Thirllest, I guess...

As for Montana state, the biggest douchebag honors goes to...Phil Jackson.

Thrillist says:

Always kind of had douchebag tendencies even when things were going great, but when you’re being paid unfathomable sums of money to somehow make the Knicks even worse, it becomes more pronounced.


They even pegged Adam Morrison as the runner up. Geez, fellas. Lighten up. Do you agree with this list?