We may not be able to celebrate America's birthday with fireworks this year, but there are always glow sticks!

The Missoula River Donation Shuttle (which is kind of like a river taxi to help keep drinking floaters safe) is taking us on a midnight float this Friday (July 3) night. Bring your glow sticks and as much glow as you can to float under an almost full moon.

  • Meet at 9:30 p.m. at East Gate Ace and Albertsons parking lot
  • Put in at 10 p.m. in Bonner on Tammarack Road
  • Take out at Van Buren Foot Bridge sometime around midnight
  • $10 per person covers your ride to the party spot and some killer glow sticks
  • Cash and cards accepted
  • BRING YOUR GLOW! Sealed glow sticks only please, no body paint.

From Missoula River Donation Shuttle:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that we are self regulating tonight about and garbage, litter and the glow sticks. We are all here to have a Blast but environmentally safe. ALL the glow sticks should be non-toxic. I don't think that there are any toxic glow sticks. IF you do find any please please please DO NOT bring them. Same goes with anybody that is going to be painting themselves we don't suggest that you do but if you do, DO NOT get in the water because it will pollute it. If we do see any of this we will have to regret and not let you aboard the shuttle.


*************SAFETY DISCLAIMER*****************

Missoula River Donation Shuttle is NOT responsible for any accidents on the river while floating. Floating on the river is dangerous so please have fun and be VERY CAUTIOUS. Attending this event is at YOUR OWN RISK. Once you get off the shuttle at the put in location the rest of the event is at your own risk. It is recommended that a life vest is to be worn at all times while on the river for your safety. Please be safe and if you plan on drinking legally we recommend you DO NOT DRIVE. We will also shuttle back to your home if you cant not legally drive. We want to PREVENT drinking and driving.
=====> Paying and riding the Missoula River Donation Shuttle states that you have read this SAFTEY DISCLAIMER and acknowledges the risks and will not take legal action in case of death, injury or accident when not riding the Missoula River Donation Shuttle.