We have gathered up all of your suggestions for the best places to see the Southgate Mall fireworks away from the maddening crowds around Missoula, Montana. If you are hoping to watch 4th of July fireworks live but want to avoid the parking hassle and abundance of people in every direction it is never too soon to start planning your viewing strategy. In no particular order, here are the best suggestions...

"Bitterroot Branch Trail. You can hop onto it near the corner of Harve and Eaton. Hands down the best place. You're literally as close as they'll allow you to be."Dennis Webber

"Last year the SHEC parking lot was good. You could see them from all around Missoula there."Andrea Jones 

"On the 'M'."Dakota Jeffries

"Chief Charlo school lawn."Brian Monahan 

"Hill View Drive at the top of it."Ericka Eklund Trusty

"I work for the company that shoots the mall fireworks in Missoula and its there's nothing like being right under them but if your after the best affect that the fireworks are meant to create then you want to be back a little ways to view all the different firework breaks from the different levels. The bigger the shell the higher in the air it goes."Lindsey Edwards

"I parking lot next to community ER entrance on South ave. Light your own and watch the mall."Grace Applegate 

"The little pit stop between the Reserve street exit and Orange street exit. Heading toward Orange street".Josh Yoshi McDonald

"The top of Mount Jumbo or top of Squaw Peak."Mike Harrison

Other suggestions include watching the view from most places anywhere near the Southgate Mall. One person simply suggested just plopping a blanket down on the front lawn and watching your kids go crazy with the sparklers. Not a bad idea at all!

Any other suggestions? Comment below. Happy 4th!