Remember back when Occupy Wall Street was making headlines and people were spewing hatred towards "the 1%"? The question we have is...who really IS included in the 1%? Fact is, they might be closer than you can imagine. 

Researchers at the University of California looked into taxes and were able to determine nearly how much income one would need to be considered the rich 'one percenters' in MONTANA state. And in Montana, the bar hasn't really been set that high...

For example, here in Montana we could be in the 1% by making just $300,000. This statistic also includes states like Arkansas, New Mexico, Alabama, and Wyoming.

When it comes to the upper threshold, the state you need the MOST dollars would be Connecticut, close to $642,000.

And the only other states where it takes at least half a million dollars a year to be in the top 1%? New York at $511,000 and New Jersey at $504,000.

(Check out the threshold of each state here.)