Wait… what?! Yeah, you read that correctly. So many clever things are possible in the digital age. The late Tupac can appear at a concert via a hologram. The same hologram can also be shot and part of a faux newscast (thanks to antiquiet), delivered by one of the best in the business: Anchorman Ron Burgundy. You stay classy, Internet.

You can view a photo of a Burgundy news package, with the breaking headline that the Tupac hologram was shot. It’s certainly an intriguing image. Holograms can live and die, if you follow the logic of this image.

We’re not really sure what the backstory is. Creative editing? A possible inclusion in the film’s sequel, which is in the works? A riff on how the digital age pretty much turns the impossible into its opposite?

It could be anything, really. Thanks to the folks at antiquiet for giving us something to think about on so many levels. One thing’s for sure: This sure gets us excited for the ‘Anchorman 2′ release.