Poetry Released
Tupac Shakur's handwritten poems, written when he was 17 years old, have been released online for his fans to read.
Tupac Hologram Has Been Shot
Wait… what?! Yeah, you read that correctly. So many clever things are possible in the digital age. The late Tupac can appear at a concert via a hologram. The same hologram can also be shot and part of a faux newscast (thanks to antiquiet), delivered by one of the best in the business: An…
Tupac’s Friends Claim They Smoked His Ashes [VIDEO]
While Keith Richards now denies the well-circulated story that he snorted the ashes of his late father, members of the rap group The Outlawz had no problem owning up to the rumors that they mixed the cremated remains of Tupac Shakur with marijuana and smoked the concoction at a memorial service for …