I normally don't get excited about TV. Heck, I hardly even watch TV, but one show I really did get into besides "The Walking Dead" was "How I Met Your Mother". I don't think I have seen every single episode, but I have seen most of them and I would argue was pretty emotionally invested in the characters.

Long story short, I had the last episode built up in my mind. Ted would finally meet the mother, all of the inside jokes would play out in the last episode (like where the damn pineapple came from), and the last episode would end with the group sitting around the table at MacLaren's, and the kids would realize that the story wasn't about Ted meeting the mom. Instead, it was a story about friendship and how much the group meant to him and the mother. End scene. Done.

Well, for anyone that watched it. That's not what happened. No inside jokes played out, the mother (spoiler) was dead the whole time, and Ted basically ends up with Robin anyway. Ridiculous.

What's something you had built up in your mind that ended up sucking? Here are a few others, in my personal opinion:

-New York on New Year's Eve
-Dating the pretty girl from high school