I had the chance to catch up with rising act DJ Christian Jackson as he was setting up his new studio last night. A small room with nothing but the disc jockey essentials: 4 Pioneer CD decks, two monitors, a beefy desktop computer, Mountain Dew, and a bed.

This young talent from Billings, MT was first introduced to me during the Phi Delta takeover last May, and since then him and I have crossed paths on a few occasions. A University of Montana student, who only recently has ditched the books to pursue a full-time DJ career, is now front and center at some of the larger electronic events in the area, most recently on the massive Life in Color stage as the opening act.

How is it that a kid (one who isn't even old enough to get into a bar legally) is locking down festivals all over the region? Partially due to his choices of forgoingtime in front of an X-Box and keggers to save up for possibly the most high end equipment in the region, and mostly due to his eagerness to entertain. The kid is a beast on the turntables, plain and simple. And when a promoter sees this unique set of skills, it's a no-brainier that he would likely be chosen to fill a decent time slot.

This Montana performer does more than just spin music. His passion for new technology and DJ equipment is shown in his online video tutorials that teach budding disc jockeys the proper essentials on how to utilize the most advanced music gear available. That's right, Christian doesn't hold his secrets in. He thrives on helping people learn more about how to make the most of DJ gear by means of his YouTube channel.

Christian is returning to the Zoo FM studios in the weeks ahead with the finale of the Online Greek Olympics with The Tallest DJ in America. In bears mentioning that Christian played a crucial role in recent Greek station takeover with his UM Phi Delta chapter, a chapter that is now falling behind in the voting with this semester's go around.

That leads us to this brief audio interview with Christian attempting to explain why his Greek family failed to make it to the finals round.

Christian's calendar of events is filling up fast (he mentions that nearly two-thirds of October is booked) so the odds of crossing paths with him as well is very likely. In which case, it's recommended that you catch him on stage to see this talented Montana DJ make his impression felt on the local nightlife scene.

Explore some of his mixes on SoundCloud for a taste test and follow his Facebook for details on his next performance near you.