UM Online Greek Olympics

UM Online Greek Olympics - Update

We've (finally) made it to the Finals Round in the Online Greek Olympics. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube, these chapters on UM campus have proven that they are a savvy enough to handle any online challenge tossed their way!
As a reward, we have decided to allow two chapters the …
Spotlight: DJ Christian Jackson [INTERVIEW]
I had the chance to catch up with rising act DJ Christian Jackson as he was setting up his new studio last night. A small room with nothing but the disc jockey essentials: 4 Pioneer CD decks, two monitors, a beefy desktop computer, Mountain Dew, and a bed.
This young talent from Billings, MT was firs…
UM Online Greek Olympics - Update
If round three of the Online Greek Olympics were a class assignment, some of the fraternities and sororities on campus would receive a BIG FAT "F." Only one chapter uploaded a YouTube video for the third round of our contest and posted it to our blog by the due date!