It appears Earth's magnetic field battled another onslaught of solar winds. Making for one of nature's most astonishing light displays. Called Aurora Borealis a.k.a The Northern Lights.

It is crazy to think about the science behind the earth's magnetic poles. Earth is basically one big molten chunk of iron and nickel. That molten metal creates reverse poles, which create the earth's electromagnetic field. It is our electromagnetic field that protects every living creature from radioactive particles in space. Think of it as, what sci-fi movies call, a "force field" or "shield."

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Auroras are the result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind. These disturbances are sometimes strong enough to alter the trajectories of charged particles in both solar wind and magnetospheric plasma. These particles, mainly electrons and protonsprecipitate into the upper atmosphere.

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There were forecasts for much of Montana to witness the Northern Lights this past weekend. There were reports of a light show in parts of Montana with a clear view. But another wave of solar winds stuck the Earth again this week. Social media pages were flooded with photos of the Northern Lights putting on a show in the early morning hours of Thursday 11/4. Places as far south as Hamilton, MT reported lights dancing in the sky.

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A photographer in Helena captured a magnificent look at the lights. Kevin League Photography posted a timelapse video, showing the Northern Lights appearing above the famous Helena landmark, The Sleeping Giant. As some social media commenters point out "Looks like Sleeping Giant getting a body scan on Star Trek."

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