It's Missoula's 6th annual mid-way freak fest! If there’s one thing that’s been proven over and over again, it’s that the party people of Zootown will willingly accept any excuse to dress up and get down! Hence, 107.5 Zoo FM, and The Iron Horse bring you the 6th annual Halfway to Halloween Bash, Saturday May 4th.

It's Missoula's 6th annual mid-way freak fest!

Ladies, you know you can’t wait seven more months to get all dolled up in sexy costumes. This is the perfect excuse to channel your sultry character of choice and slip away to another world, if only for one night. And guys, there will be drinks a-plenty and hot nurses, scantily clad zombies, and pretty princesses … enough said!

And if barely-there costumes and the chance to dress up don’t have you convinced, the hottest DJ’s are lined up to play this faux-holiday bash. From vocal-heavy mind-blowing house music to crowd-pumping rowdy rap, there will something for everyone. DJ Siniztor will be in the mix, ensuring the dance floor will be filled and wild. But if getting crazy is more your style, you will be happy to know The Tallest DJ in America will be keeping the party going with his freak flag flying! Holiday or not, The Iron Horse sure is going all out for this spring kick-off party.

Halfway Halloween VI at The Iron Horse: Why wait until the fall season to create your dream costume and escape to a fantastical reality with the hottest party-goers in Missoula? If you’re ready to rage at the sweetest costume party this side of summer, you don’t want to miss out on Halfway to Halloween at The Iron Horse. It's NO COVER.

  • Did we mention NO COVER?
  • Dancing Starts at 9pm

Stay tuned to 107.5 Zoo FM for more details.

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