Iron Horse

Goodman in Missoula
Montana has been no stranger to the celebrity scene so far in the past year or two. The Kardashians, Katy Perry and John Mayer, and Jessica Biel and hubby Justin Timberlake have all been rumored to have set foot in the Treasure State. Missoula seems to have been one of the alleged hot spots for cele…
Tallest DJ in America Weekend Mix
If there’s one thing that’s been proven over and over again, it’s that the party people of Missoula will willingly accept any excuse to dress up and get down! Hence, 107.5 Zoo FM, and The Iron Horse bring you the 6th annual Halfway to Halloween Bash, S…
Get Paid to Party This Sunday at The Iron Horse
What is one way to celebrate the upcoming President's weekend? By filling your pockets with presidents, of course!
This three-day weekend, get PAID to PARTY!
(Yeah, we know, we are bribing you to join us.)

Join DJ MVP, RMF Entertainment, and the Tallest DJ in America and be showered with hundreds…

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