I have seen a few Valentine's days in my life and it's safe to say that none have ever been even remotely as romantic as an episode of The Bachelor. They have ranged from getting a last minute card that read "Happy Birthday Grandma" (I was 24) to my date having a date with his fly rod and Steelhead in Idaho. It's safe to say that I have probably spent more Valentine's days with my dog, than with a man. That being said, here are my top 10 reasons why dogs make better Valentine’s dates than men.


1. If you fart, the dog doesn’t care. In fact, you can blame the dog and he won’t deny it.


2. The dog won’t complain about the menu. He’ll eat anything you order and even lick his plate clean.


3. The dog doesn’t mind waiting for you to get ready and won’t nag that you’re going to be late if you don’t hurry up.


4. The dog gladly gives foot rubs, as long as you don’t mind if it’s with his tongue.


5. The dog won’t complain about having to snuggle up with you on the couch for hours to watch a chick flick.


6. If the dog does fart, you can put it outside.


7. The dog will never tell you that your butt looks big.


8. The dog never leaves the toilet seat up.


9. Chocolate is bad for dogs, so it’s your job to eat all the chocolates.


10. The dog still wants to sleep with you even when you aren’t wearing your Spanx, push-up bra and make-up.


Joy Larson was raised in Montana, is a graduate of The University of Montana, mother of four, animal lover and writer.