Valentines Day

5 Songs That Make Me Want to Cry
For those who are love lorne this Valentine’s Day, I’ve compiled some of my favorite sad relationship songs. I’m married now, but have spent many previous Valentine’s Days home alone, listening to sad songs with my dog. Don’t give up, there is someone out there for ever…
I Love Missoula Online Auction, The Best V-day Gift
If you’re one of those people that hate facing the mall crowd and searching high and low for the perfect gift, all you have to do is click away on the I Love Missoula Online Auction. Get the perfect gift for your V-day guy or gal and save a few bucks.
Valentine’s Day Treats for your Dog
As I perused down the card isle today, I held back from puking all over the white glossy floor. Yes, I have a boyfriend. Yes, I'm in love... But geez, have you read what some of these Hallmark writers are putting on cards these days?! Gag worthy.
Top Five Missoula Valentine’s Day Restaurants
I am not a big fan of everything about Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I like chocolate to a point, and I like flowers O.K. The one thing I do enjoy about this disgustingly romantic day though is the dinner date. We are all so lucky to reside in Missoula where we have plenty of fabu…
Why Dogs are Better Valentine’s Dates
I have seen a few Valentine's days in my life and it's safe to say that none have ever been even remotely as romantic as an episode of The Bachelor. They have ranged from getting a last minute card that read "Happy Birthday Grandma" (I was 24) to my date having a date with his fl…
Top 5 Favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts
So, I’m sitting here checking out the top Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her according to U Gift Ideas. To be honest, I thought a lot of them were super cheesy. So I decided I should weed out the bad ones and tell you guys about the ones that actually look like they…

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