If you so desire, you can scope out the salaries of practically every Montana public employee. That would include just about anyone who is employed by the government, elected officials, even people who are working for our colleges and universities.

In all of the American states, it seems that the highest paid worker is employed by a college. And out of the 50 states, 40 of them pay sports coaches the most. Not the case for the state if Montana...

In Big Sky County the highest paid public employee is....our college president.

Yup, our president of the University of Montana make more than employees at the DMV, even the state House of Representatives.

In 27 other states, its the FOOTBALL COACH that rolls in more dough. In 12 states, its the men's basketball coach.

Other well compensated public employees are more often than not a head of a medical school or law school.

The question on our mind is..are football and basketball coaches paid by our tax dollars? In most cases, no. Campus athletics bring in tons of dollars, so usually their salaries are derived from that.

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