The Missoula County Sheriff's Office is looking for information about a man suspected of stealing a Frenchtown woman's purse and using credit cards to buy a television and other electronics from Walmart.

The victim reports that a man approached her home in a white pick-up truck with a large black and white sign on the door that said "Steak & Spokane." The man was offering to sell meat and the victim declined, but after he left, the victim noticed that her purse had been taken from her vehicle.

Later, the victim's credit card was used in Haugen and then again at a Walmart in Smeltersville, Idaho.

So far, the sheriff's office has released the following details of the man and his vehicle in hopes that the public can help provide any information:

  • Male Suspect: WMA-late 20's - early 30's - 510-511 - dark brown hair with sideburns and hair down to his shoulders - gauged ears - victim did not see other person in the vehicle.


  • Suspect Vehicle: white standard cab pickup w/o-running boards or side steps - possibly 2-wheel drive - described as not newer and not older, guessing around a 1990's-2000's year - unknown make - passenger door was seen and there is a large white sign on the door with black outline and black letters - door had STEAK & SPOKANE on it - victim does not recall numbers such as a phone number on the door.