If round three of the Online Greek Olympics were a class assignment, some of the fraternities and sororities on campus would receive a BIG FAT "F." Only one chapter uploaded a YouTube video for the third round of our contest and posted it to our blog by the due date!

We understand. Classes are in full swing, a home game took up much of your time over the weekend, and you might even be feeling a bit overwhelmed by being put through so much with this contest. If that was the case, what if we told you that this was the LAST thing you needed in order to claim complete and total online domination? You are THIS close!!

As it stands, Sigma Chi was the one chapter to fully complete round three, but that doesn't make a semi-finals very fun if only ONE chapter is left? Really. So the judges at the Zoo studios have deliberated and decided to extend this third round up through next Sunday, so the remaining chapters can get their video together. That's right, we are changing the rules to accommodate the crazy schedules of students and Greek members. However, just like in school, if you don't get it in on time, you don't get full credit.

Sigma Chi will receive 100 points for getting the video in on time. All other chapters will receive half the points, which means they'll really have to bring their A game to the voting round.

So let's try this one more time...

As a recap:

GRAND PRIZE: The best fraternities and sororities will once again get to hijack the 107.5 Zoo FM airwaves for an afternoon, along with a massive pizza party alongside radio host Aaron Traylor and mixmaster (and UM Phi Delt alum) DJ Christian Jackson.

ADDITIONAL PRIZES: The sorority that earns the most points during the UM Online Greek Olympics will receive a 20 percent discount at My Sister's Closet. The fraternity with the most points at the end will receive a $100 Visa gift Card.

Here is this week’s online challenge.


Each chapter must create the ultimate YouTube video showcasing why they are the best Greek fraternity or sorority on campus.

Go to YouTube and upload a video. Make sure the video is set to public.

Once the video is complete you MUST publish the link under the "Leave a Comment" section below this article.

Deadline Sunday, September 29.

Update, Sept. 24: Alpha Phi submitted a video late last night. It is still considered late, but they are still in the running to be crowned the champion of the UM Online Greek Olympics, and take the title ofbest sorority. Whose next? Which chapter is going to join the challenge?