We just recently wrapped up the highly competitive Online Greek Olympics both on the air and online this month. As a result, I am left with a few impressions about students involved in sororities and fraternities on the University of Montana campus.

Here's my top five takeaways from allowing the Greeks to takeover my radio studio...

1. Well spoken

I'll admit, when we first came up with the idea of letting a frat house hijack my radio show I thought for sure I'd be dealing with total anarchy and lots of fist pumping. A sweaty, hungover, adrenaline fueled free-for-all. Far from it, actually. When we brought in members of Phi Delta, Sigma Chi, and Alpha Phi and allowed them run of the show, I was floored by how articulate and considerate they were! Clearly the selection process of choosing new members eliminated a majority of losers.

2. Committed to their brothers, and sisters

There was a sense of family when I met the members of each chapter, as if no one was ever to be left behind. I never got the impression that there were outcasts or "that ONE guy or gal" that didn't seem to fit in. While getting to know each chapter, I learned that there were many get-togethers off campus, such as camping retreats and small meet ups around town where every member was welcome.

3. They know their roots

From the history of their chapters, to the rowdy chants in complete unison, each Greek family I met seemed very well-versed in the heritage of the sorority or fraternity they subscribed to. It was as if each student that was chosen to become part of it had done their research to see if this was the best fit for them.

4. They are extremely competitive, in a fun way

As proven in the Online Greek Olympics, where each chapter was pitted against another, there never once seemed to be an ounce of bad blood between the winners and losers in each round. Winners never seemed to brag, and losers always managed to hold their heads high.

5. Unlike anything Hollywood has taught us

Forget what you know about movies like "Animal House" or "Revenge of the Nerds." Greek chapters on the University of Montana campus hold themselves to a much higher standard than what society makes them out to be. They are not just there to party, and they aren't just there to flex their status to get the attention of the opposite sex. They don't boast about their affiliation to make themselves out to be better than the rest. The truth is, the students I met (and believe me, I met many of them) are their for a common sense of unity and a family away from their family.

In the end...

After all was said and done, it was a genuine honor serving up my radio program to the members of Alpha Phi, Phi Delta, and Sigma Chi over the previous few weeks. I can honestly say that having them all on my show was the most exciting time I've had in the studio in years. They are absolutely invited back anytime.