A Carousel for Missoula Closed for a Short Ride
If you’re planning on visiting one of Missoula’s best attractions in the next few days, you might want to change your plans. A Carousel for Missoula will be closed Jan. 7 through Jan. 18 for a little repair and maintenance. The good news is that once they’re finished, you will be a…
Downtown Missoula: Perfect For Kids, But Something Is Missing
Dear Downtown Missoula,
Thank you for having wonderful, fun things for me to do with my children. The carousel is not only beautiful, but truly a unique and magical place to go. My kids could ride it for hours (if I would let them.) Dragon Hollow is not just another playground, it is a wooden won…
Romance in Missoula
If you missed out on Valentine’s Day this year, don’t feel bad because A.) you’re not the only one and B.) you’re about to get a second chance.