Seize The Deal. If you haven't heard of it, you must be living in the deep backwoods. If so, how do you get wireless internet out there? I've always wondered.  And if you lived in the deep backwoods, then how can you actually be reading this? I digress..

Seize The Deal is a service that allows our listeners a chance to scoop up deals at places they often already shop at. One day, it's 50% off a massage, the next day it's an oil change for $10 bucks. It's taken off big time here in Missoula. Hundreds of local people use it every day. Now, saving money seems to have become even easier.

Behold, the Free Android and iPhone app.

I downloaded this to my iPad last night and am pretty pleased with how quick and easy the purchases are able to be made. Just pop open the app, if you like the deal, click "buy". If you don't care much for today's deal, just return the next day. I'm sure if you keep checking back like I do we're bound to find a local deal that hits home.

Now, fellow backwoods readers, feel free to roam even deeper into the sticks. Seize The Deal can now go where ever you go.