What Old School Tech Do you Still Use?
Confession time: I've been the proud owner of an AOL account ever since the service started back in the late 90's. I honestly have no desire to get rid of it. People in my social circle laugh at me whenever I give my personal email out, "That STILL exists??"
The 5 Strangest Dating Apps [VIDEO]
Here are our picks of the five strangest dating apps: Carrot Dating is where someone bribes someone else to go on a date...Luxy is "Tinder without the poor people"...On The Rebound peers into the relationships of your Facebook friends...Cuddlr hooks you up with people that want to …
iPhone 6 Design Leaked [VIDEO]
It seems like with the speed that information flies these days, in 2014 everything leaks. Before you even had a chance to figure out all the gadgets on your iPhone 5, the design for the iPhone 6 has already surfaced online. This new iPhone looks like it has been completely re-done, with a ton of del…
Seize The Deal Goes Mobile
Seize The Deal. If you haven't heard of it, you must be living in the deep backwoods. If so, how do you get wireless internet out there? I've always wondered.  And if you lived in the deep backwoods, then how can you actually be reading this? I digress..
Seize The Deal is a service that allows our li…