They're intelligent. They're good looking. They're adventurous. And, get ready for this, they're available! These Missoula bachelors are the ones locals are undoubtedly lining up to meet.

As stated before, we're defining bachelors as anyone who is not currently married. The most eligible part has been determined solely by how many times they were nominated by our readers. That means there is still time to put a ring on them!

Dan Cimmino

Best user-submitted quote(s): "Local Weekend sports anchor at KPAX here in Missoula. Super funny dude with a great personality. Fun loving guy always looking to make people laugh. Great dancer (like seriously). Seems to always chase after the wrong girl, but a man who can cook, clean, and is great with kids shouldn't be on the market too much longer."

Rod Blackman

Best user-submitted quote(s): "Rod is an amazing and talented performer in Missoula. Have you heard him sing yet? Smart, intelligent and always lights up any room he enters. He's always smiling! It's contagious. The way he performs on stage will make any woman swoon! Rod is a great guy and deserves a great woman."

Justin Hoskins

Best user-submitted quote(s): "Justin is a CPA, studying law at The University of Montana. He has great style to accompany his good looks. He can pull of the "hipster" look without falling into the grungy Missoula stereotype, but also looks dang good in a suit! Justin played soccer in college and has semi-pro experience. Naturally, this makes him have a nice butt. He has two younger sisters (one a twin) that he zealously protects. Justin always smells delicious and you melt every time he smiles. It isn't just his good looks, athletic talent, and his intelligence that are attractive, he is genuinely nice to everyone. He is always up for good conversation and lends a compassionate ear. Who wouldn't want a smart, attractive and family-oriented man?"

Chris Lynn


Best user-submitted quote(s): "He's a great looking guy that enjoys life to the absolute fullest. He's always on some fun adventure. He is a successful business person and takes care of himself. He seems to know everyone under the sun, and always has a huge smile on his face. If something fun is happening in (or around) Missoula, he's most likely there making the event that much more fun!"

Patrick Altenbrun

Best user-submitted quote(s):"My Uncle Patrick is a notorious B.A. in our family and around the community of Missoula. Why? He is a pilot for Virgin America, an amazing single dad to his gorgeous daughter Kara, who attends The University of Montana. He was a champion wrestler at Sentinel High School back in the day. He is an overall hard worker and amazingly energetic individual. When Pat is not flying, he can be found "airchairing," an extreme adrenaline rush and a form of waterskiing up at our Swan Lake house. He can even be found waterskiing on the lake on Christmas day (since it wasn't frozen we figured it was a great idea!). He throws a great tailgate during Griz football season, a bonfire/volleyball bash in the summer and a New Year's Eve party in his garage complete with an ice sculpture to take shots from in the colder months. He will rip up the mountain with you be it at the Bowl or Whitefish Mountain. I could go on and on. I'm nominating Pat because he's a cool dude who would rather run around listening to Easy-E and the Beastie Boys then sit in front of the television any day of the week!"